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Mother, Ascendant


As sun in the Spring, she nourished all
Warm and sustaining, light without end
To others dedicated, no thought of herself
Family or friend, and acquaintance alike
Or stranger lost, with need of guidance

Like a gentle rain, to parched earth given
Herself she poured, those around her received
Life freely bestowed, to the gardens of souls
flowers and greenery, gladly brought forth
Where sadness had been, only dust before

Sparkling starlight, she twinkled and shone
A radiant blossom, for all to behold
Her song in the wind, carried far and wide
Luminescent and soft, with heartwarming glow
Offered laughter and cheer, keeping darkness away

Fragile she seemed, delicate and beautiful
A snowflake or crystal, a strand of silk
In truth like bedrock, below the earth
Everlasting patience, granting strength unseen
Uncounted lives touched, supported and raised

Oft beset by storms, and fierce winds blowing
A willow she become, to bend but not break
Unconquerable will, and indomitable heart
Resilient to all, but the most furious gale
In triumph returned always, to those she loved

As nature demands, there came such a tempest
With dark clouds of thunder, lightning crashed at the rocks
The bulwark was breached, of her physical form
In the storm’s eye weary, laid down she to rest
Her body returned, to earth and to sea

The souls she tended, cried out in pain
Life’s tapestry cleaved, their fabric was sundered
Infinite void thus created, before them outstretched
Emptiness transformed, to agony felt
Hearts heavy with grief, filled and then burst

‘Twas a cruel illusion, imposed by themselves
Emptiness cannot fill, nor darkness expand
Instead torrents cascaded, a deluge of love
A lifetime well lived, joy and laughter remembered
Intermingled and coalesced, a single point fused

As the beginning of all, this singularity erupts
Passion and love, to every fragment of being
With force and such volume, as cannot be contained
Pure energy surges, overflows and engulfs
From each person she touched, burst forth to be free

Outward expanding, her spirit is found
Given vital momentum, dances lithely about
Towards tribute’s origin, her soul reaches back
Those who knew her caressed, and graced with a kiss
Forever imprinted, with love’s gentle touch

Collective love impels, her spirit upward ascending
Bound towards the stars, and those gone ahead
Soaring far above struggle, all storms left below
Unfettered and free, from all pain and all fear
Filled by light and pure joy, peace eternal is found

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